BlockChain4A service scope

According to the needs and scenarios of the project, provide the project with multi-scenario full-process services from industry consulting, technology development to application landing
  • Basic blockchain facilities

    Service Content:
    · Standard Blockchain System
    · Standard cross-chain kit
    · Fusion Oracle Suite
    · Smart contract virtual machine

    Basic blockchain facilities

    The componentized standard block chain series products quickly meet the needs of government agencies, enterprises, institutions, and financial institutions for block chain technology.
  • Seal Smart Cloud

    Service Content:
    · One-click blockchain system deployment service
    · One-click solution deployment
    · One-click oracle service
    · One-click cross-chain service
    · Contract visualization platform
    · Business panoramic monitoring platform

    Seal Smart Cloud

    A blockchain cloud service platform that supports the automated construction of blockchain systems, system data visualization and panoramic operation and maintenance, service node cloud hosting, and cloud execution of business on the chain.
  • Blockchain solution

    Service Content:
    · Blockchain expert consultation
    · Scenario design
    · Full process business realization
    · Secondary development based on standard products

    Blockchain solution

    Provide professional solution consulting, development and implementation for the scene-based needs of government agencies, enterprises, institutions, financial institutions and other departments and industries.
  • Corporate branding

    Service Content:
    · Brand Positioning
    · Brand creativity
    · Brand
    · Brand IP
    · Space brand integration

    Corporate branding

    High-standard international corporate brand building, providing enterprises with full-case brand services, and enhancing corporate brand influence and competitiveness.