Blockchain +  Government affairs

Open and transparent government affairs, improve service efficiency, and fine administrative management.



Trans-regional, cross-sectoral collaboration to provide reliable data sharing channel, providing the public with transparent and credible platform for government affairs, enhance the credibility of government institutions, build trust and consensus among among government agencies, the government and the public. At the same time, it provides basic data support for policy formulation, social management, and public services through the safe and reliable collection, storage, and arrangement of data on people, events, and objects in various industries.

Scenario-based solution architecture

  • Government chain
    The government affairs blockchain solution provides reliable and reliable underlying support for government agencies in various government affairs fields such as government affairs disclosure, departmental collaboration, data sharing, financial management, corporate and personal credit investigation, and assists smart government affairs.

    Value Advantage program

    Efficient departmental collaboration

    Open and transparent government affairs

    Convenient public services

    Fine administrative management