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Create a future social trust system and infrastructure for production relations.


Company Profile

  • About us

    We are the leader and core development engineer of the domestic first-class technology blockchain enterprise project. We have rich technology accumulation and in-depth understanding in the blockchain field.
    We are committed to the development and innovation of the blockchain + field, and provide scenario-based and landable full-process blockchain system solutions in various fields such as government affairs, finance, agriculture, copyright, healthcare, Internet of Things, and entertainment IP.

  • Business

    Adhering to professional, dedicated and continuous technology research and development and development, self-research and self-research and integration of advanced technologies in various blockchain fields such as microservice architecture, cryptographic algorithms, distributed ledgers, multiple types of consensus, hybrid oracles, and heterogeneous cross-chain Innovation, through rich products, services and scenario-based solutions,Provide fast, convenient, safe and reliable blockchain technology solutions for the design, access and implementation of social entities in different fields.

  • Vision and mission

    Based on technological innovation, empower the real society, and make blockchain technology a necessary basic component of the future society.

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  • Business Consulting

    If you are interested in purchasing our products, technical services or business-related consultations, please contact our product service department.

  • Media cooperation

    If you intend to cooperate with the media in online or offline activities, interviews and reports, public relations and publicity, please contact our media cooperation department.

  • Market collaboration

    If you want to explore business opportunities in the blockchain + field with us, please contact our marketing department.

  • Technical cooperation

    If you want to work with us to promote the technological development of the blockchain field, please contact our technical cooperation department.