Blockchain +  Entertainment IP

IP assets through digital, IP booster entertainment industry ecosystem development.



By digitizing IP assets, creating full-process IP eco-manufacturing such as IP transactions, peripheral development, IP production, issuance and distribution, and brand operations, provides full-process solutions for many potential IP ecological fields such as culture, tourism, film and television, and games.

Scenario-based solution architecture

  • IP development
    A full-process business platform for IP copyright purchase, production, issuance and distribution, peripheral development, and brand operation. It clarifies each link in IP development, as well as related rights and responsibilities, so that IP development is simple and efficient.

    Solution value advantage

    Clear ownership of copyright

    Links are efficient

    Fast brand building

    Perfect ecological management

  • E-ticketing
    Through technical solutions such as trusted identities, trusted data exchange, and electronic fingerprints, the efficiency of entertainment ticketing will be greatly improved, scalping, fake tickets, package tickets and other incidents will be eliminated, and the overall ecology will be optimized.

    Solution value advantage

    Voting authorization can be verified

    Transparent bill circulation

    Improved ticketing efficiency

    Ticketing ecological purification