Blockchain +  Copyright

Improve the efficiency of right confirmation, enrich the trading methods, and reduce the difficulty of rights protection.



Provide a unified management and transaction maintenance platform for creators, copyright owners, copyright consumers, copyright certification agencies, trading platforms and other parties, improve the efficiency of various businesses in the ecosystem, and promote the integration and development of the copyright ecosystem.

Scenario-based solution architecture

  • Copyright management
    With the identity of the copyright owner as the core, the unified management of copyright confirmation, trading, and distribution is carried out to make copyright management clear, safe and reliable.

    Solution value advantage


    Safe and efficient distribution

    Transparent copyright circulation

    Flexible and reliable management

  • Copyright transaction
    Rich trading methods, a safe and reliable trading platform, and a fair and credible supervision platform maximize the value of copyright.

    Solution value advantage

    Rich trading methods

    Real and traceable transactions

    Distribution authorization security

    Convenient supervision and management

  • Copyright Protection
    Based on technologies such as content comparison, fingerprint recognition, credible circulation records, credible data storage, etc., it provides strong judicial evidence support for copyright protection.

    Solution value advantage

    The evidence is credible and strong

    Timely evidence preservation

    Data storage security

    Evidence collection is convenient and fast