Blockchain +  Finance

Liberation corporate credit value, help finance ecological development.



Through asset token mapping, efficient value circulation, credit system construction, contract bill digitization and other aspects, it reduces financial business risks, reduces financial business intermediate links, saves financial costs, and realizes closed-loop financial ecology, providing benefits for enterprises, banks, insurance, etc. All parties in the financial field provide underlying credit and business support platforms to help the development of the financial ecosystem.

Scenario-based solution architecture

  • Supply chain finance
    Relying on the credit value of core enterprises, combining the needs and services of upstream and downstream enterprises, banks, insurance institutions, venture capital companies and other aspects to empower supply chain finance and achieve industrial upgrading

    Value Advantage program

    Release credit value

    Reliable corporate credit

    Capital cost reduction

    Investment and financing risks are controllable

  • Contract bill management
    Through OCR, electronic fingerprint, electronic contract and other technologies, various contracts, vouchers, bills, and contracts in the company’s business are stored on the chain to improve the efficiency of the financial system and simplify the collection of evidence for contract disputes.

    Value Advantage program

    Improve financial efficiency

    Contract credible evidence

    Auditing is reliable and efficient

    Data authentic