Professional, reliable, flexible and comprehensive

Enterprise-level professional blockchain + products and services

Provide standard blockchain product lines and flexible intelligent cloud services to help governments and enterprises quickly build and access professional blockchain systems according to their own business needs.


Core architecture

With professional technology, provide governments and enterprises with high-performance, flexible, convenient, safe and reliable blockchain products and services.
  • iconHigh performance system
    High-speed consensus algorithm, hardware cryptography components, the highest performance can reach 10000+ TPS.
  • iconComponentized deployment
    Building a block chain system in building blocks is more in line with actual business needs.
  • iconNatural cross-chain
    Built-in cross-chain oracle network, no need to rely on third-party cross-chain services.
  • iconPanoramic visualization operation
    Visual contract deployment, chain interaction, operation and maintenance monitoring make the use of the blockchain system more concise.
  • iconData privacy security
    Multi-mode data desensitization storage, supporting national SM2/3/4 and international general cryptographic algorithms.

Technical advantages

  • Microservice architecture

    Microservice architecture

    Hot swap
    Flexible use
    Easy to expand

  • Multiple consensus algorithm support

    Multiple consensus algorithm support


  • Multiple contract VM support

    Multiple contract VM support

    Chrome V8

  • Multiple cryptography support

    Multiple cryptography support


  • Visualization


    Panorama operation and maintenance platform
    Only contract to control the platform
    One-click business deployment
    Data snapshot and archive
    Custom information display

  • Data Security

    Data Security

    Homomorphic encryption
    Data desensitization
    Hot and cold backup
    Archive regularly

Platform service overview

The BlockChain4A underlying service platform can provide enterprises with a multi-sector service suite
  • Standard blockchain

    ·Support xBFT, HotStuff, POW, POS, dPOS and other mainstream consensus protocols optional

    ·Support Balance and UTXO account book models are optional

    ·Support international general cryptography, optional national secret

    ·Support three deployment modes: public chain, alliance chain, and private chain

    Provide supporting basic blockchain browser and wallet

    Standard blockchain

    The underlying platform of the standard blockchain, up to 10000+TPS, is built in modular building blocks to help companies quickly create a blockchain system suitable for their business.
  • Standard cross-chain kit

    ·Support heterogeneous blockchain system interoperability

    ·Support cross-chain asset atomic exchange

    ·Support cross-chain asset circulation

    ·Support cross-chain smart contract calls

    Standard cross-chain kit

    Based on a powerful standard cross-chain protocol, it provides a safe and flexible cross-chain interoperability channel, allowing enterprises to perform flexible business allocation, operation and management on a multi-chain system according to actual needs.
  • Fusion Oracle Suite

    ·Support multiple data formats such as JSON, XML, BIN

    ·Support multiple protocols such as HTTP, WebSocket, TCP direct connection

    ·Support data desensitization and encrypted storage

    ·Support multiple on-chain interaction modes such as timers, triggers, and programming

    Fusion Oracle Suite

    Safe and reliable collection, sorting, and archiving of off-chain data, providing external trusted data sources for the blockchain system, allowing the blockchain system to break the boundaries and truly link to the real world.
  • Smart contract virtual machine

    ·Support EVM, AVM, WASM compatibility optional

    · Support Solidity full compatibility

    ·Support execution cost can be configured

    · Support independent sandbox isolation and independent execution

    Smart contract virtual machine

    An independent smart contract virtual machine provides smart contract virtual machine services in the form of annotated interfaces, providing a convenient, pluggable universal virtual machine system for the blockchain system.