Blockchain +  Internet of Things

Make the IoT network more secure and effectively protect the privacy of devices and individuals.



Through technical solutions such as multi-level authorization authentication, partition consensus, and chain network architecture, we can build a more secure IoT network for various IoT scenarios such as the Internet of Vehicles and smart homes, while providing enterprise-level personal privacy and equipment protection.

Scenario-based solution architecture

  • Internet of Vehicles
    Through reliable vehicle and road data, it provides accurate big data analysis for vehicle management, insurance, maintenance, personalized car system customization, as well as traffic management and accident rescue processing, and activates the Internet of Vehicles ecosystem.

    Value Advantage program

    Reliable vehicle data

    Personal privacy security

    Accurate vehicle condition information

    Efficient traffic management

  • Smart home
    Provide a safe, reliable, and privacy-protected IoT network for smart homes, allowing users to use smart home systems with real peace of mind and convenience.

    Value Advantage program

    Convenient and reliable operation

    Personal information security

    Easy to maintain